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Senior Super Premium

Concentrated breeding has created a variety of more than 200 distinct breeds. With this “specialisation” in breeding, ageing rates have become widely varied. Generally, small dogs live longer than medium-sized dogs and we lose our giant breeds earliest. Whatever the size of your dog, it will need to be fed differently from when it was a young adult. An older dog needs less protein, due to slower growth; lower fats and carbs to reduce energy levels, increased treatment for ageing joints with glucosamine and chondroitin and we add taurine for older heart muscles. Using Husse, you know that these additives come from natural, not chemical or manufactured sources, so let us help you treat your aging companion with nutritional respect.
Dog size
  1. Small < 10 kg
  2. Medium 10 – 30 kg
  3. Large 30 – 40 kg
Dog age
  1. Senior
Dog activeness
  1. Normal
  2. Not active / Couch potato
Special needs
  1. Overweight
Animal Protein
  1. Chicken
Special ingredient
  1. balanced nutrition
  2. calcium
  3. cardio
  4. cell protect
  5. chicken based
  6. mobility
Product Line
  1. Super Premium
Dietary Benefit
  1. Cardio
  2. Energy control
  3. Flora stimule
  4. Mobility

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  1. Senior

    Senior contains only the best ingredients with high digestibility and a high nutritional value. It is specially developed to satisfy the nutritional needs of older dogs. Senior is the ideal food to keep older dogs in good shape

    Complete food for older dogs. special formulated kibble for dogs with a smaller bit size

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