Order & Delivery Information

As a loving pet owner, you know, of course, that the quality of their lives depends, not just on your love and care, but also on the food that they eat. Your dog or cat is a carnivore and gets the most benefit from the meat-derived ingredients you give it. That food is defined by the quality and mix of its ingredients and the quality of the production management.
Having your Swedish quality products delivered to your door means they will always eat the best and you can enjoy the service of having free delivery.


To place an order: -
• You can simply visit our web shop at www.husseni.co.uk, select your preferred products and carry through to the check-out.
• You can email us at nireland@husse.co.uk.
• You can call free on 0808 2344239 and place your order for payment by Paypal or directly to your Franchisee on delivery.
• You can call or text your local Franchisee for prompt service.
• Anyway you order, you will receive delivery within 72 hours and, when your order exceeds £30, delivery is included.